Unverified Commit 63f096f5 authored by Matt Peel's avatar Matt Peel

FIX: Stop the default SolrSearchIndex from using addAllFulltextFields()

parent d4d0d3f3
......@@ -7,7 +7,17 @@ class SolrSearchIndex extends CwpSearchIndex {
public function init() {
// By default, we only add text fields that are 'visible' to users (where the content is directly visible on
// the website), along with the 'meta' fields that are commonly used to boost / refine search results
// Adds 'ShowInSearch' boolean field to Solr document so we can later ensure that only documents included in
// search are returned by Solr.
  • As much as I second this change (we usually override it anyway), it may cause an unexpected change in the search behaviour for users and content owners. How is it planned to be covered in the release notes?

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