Fix upgrading notes for auditor module

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......@@ -13,6 +13,18 @@ includes an enhanced auditor module for improved security logging.
This upgrade can be carried out by any development team familiar with SilverStripe CMS, but if you
would like SilverStripe's assistance, please let us know.
## New Features
This release also includes a new module
which will install and configure itself by default on upgrade. This module
is mandatory and cannot be removed from the core installation. This will
provide better and more complete system logging on all CWP sites.
Please see the [Centralised logging](/working_with_projects/centralised_logging/)
documentation for more information. Please note that if your application
uses `SS_SysLogWriter` there are some additional upgrading steps.
## Upgrading Instructions
In order to update an existing site to use the new basic recipe the following changes to your composer.json
......@@ -22,12 +34,10 @@ can be made:
"require": {
"cwp/cwp-recipe-basic": "~1.5.0@stable",
"cwp/cwp-recipe-blog": "~1.5.0@stable",
"cwp-themes/default": "~1.2.1@stable"
"cwp-themes/default": "~1.3.0@stable"
"prefer-stable": true
Note that the default theme has not been modified since recipe 1.2.0, and can be left unchanged.
## Details
### Bugfixes
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