Commit 4d83481e authored by Robbie Averill's avatar Robbie Averill

FIX Remove double (required) label, add translations to the text

parent 749dca73
......@@ -9,23 +9,17 @@ class CwpCommentingExtension extends Extension {
public function alterCommentForm(Form $form) {
$fields = $form->Fields();
// Set field names and descriptions
if($nameField = $fields->dataFieldByName('Name')) {
if($emailField = $fields->dataFieldByName('Email')) {
if ($emailField = $fields->dataFieldByName('Email')) {
->setDescription('will not be published (required)');
->setTitle(_t('CwpCommentingExtension.EMAIL_TITLE', 'Email'))
->setDescription(_t('CwpCommentingExtension.WILL_NOT_BE_PUBLISHED', 'Will not be published.'));
if($urlField = $fields->dataFieldByName('URL')) {
if ($urlField = $fields->dataFieldByName('URL')) {
->setTitle('Your website (optional)')
->setTitle(_t('CwpCommentingExtension.WEBSITE_TITLE', 'Your website (optional)'))
->setAttribute('placeholder', 'http://');
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