Commit fc309d09 authored by Robbie Averill's avatar Robbie Averill

FIX SitemapTest referencing default theme, changed to use starter

parent cb71cbff
......@@ -5,11 +5,14 @@ class SitemapPageTest extends FunctionalTest {
protected static $use_draft_site = true;
* Note: this test depends on the "starter" theme being installed and configured as default
public function testSitemapShowsNavigationTitleNotNormalTitle() {
$response = $this->get('sitemap');
$parser = new CSSContentParser($response->getBody());
$els = $parser->getBySelector('.sitemap li.first span.title');
$this->assertEquals('Top page nav 1', (string) $els[0]);
$elements = $parser->getBySelector('.sitemap li.first .sitemap-link');
$this->assertEquals('Top page nav 1', (string) $elements[0]);
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