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# Changelog
## 0.1.0 (2017-03-02)
* Update compiled CSS (Robbie Averill)
* CWPT-95 Fix clearfix in footer (newleeland)
* CWPT-357: Fix consistency in navigation button height and borders - fixes broken multi lines (Robbie Averill)
* CWPT-305 add variables in forms, add caption image typography, add btn colors (Sacha Judd)
* add footer styling (newleeland)
* CWPT-306: Update starter theme styles for user defined forms (Robbie Averill)
* CWPT-322 Added style to responsive main navigation (Matias)
* FIX Define entire copy of bootstrap variable sheet with our customised values, remove modularisation (Robbie Averill)
* Updating markup & styling to Features & Quicklinks based on advanced theme designs (Paul Jayme)
* feature/CWPT-321_Typography general (Sacha Judd)
* FIX Update variable precendence by explicitly separating variables and manifests (Robbie Averill)
* CWPT-333: Update page utilities template to include font-awesome icons with sr labels, new colours. (Robbie Averill)
* CWPT-94 Add Header and MainNav style for Desktop (Matias)
* CWPT-318: Remove double up of footer quick links and features (Robbie Averill)
* CWPT-318: Add footer/quicklinks include to Page template to match dev theme (Robbie Averill)
* CWPT-96: Add news section sidebar to home page (Robbie Averill)
* feature/CWPT-317_SideNav section (Sacha Judd)
* CWPT-303: Extend the readme/documentation a little to include notes about how the theme inherits from the base theme (Robbie Averill)
* Added advanced styling to breadcrumbs (Paul Jayme)
* CWPT-215: Ensure theme can import base theme SCSS, but only has its own JS. Add Page template. (Robbie Averill)
* CWPT-315: Implement initial agency theme structure - inherits from base theme (Robbie Averill)
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